" Honey Feast " –A Fair with Bee products

Within the " Honey Feast" – , an annual local event , Kukes Regional Council in collaboration with the Beekeepers Association in Kukes organized a fair with bee products.

This fair was attended by members of  Beekeepers Association and also by young beekeepers who are beneficiaries of the project "Addressing the Local Level Challenge of Youth Employment", which presented a variety of products such as different types of honey, beeswax, bee milk , propolis and working tools of the beekeeper.

In his welcoming speech, the Chairman of the Kukes Council , Mr.Ibsen Elezi, praised the work of the beekeepers, especially of  those young ones and insured his support to sustain the tradition of beekeeping

Meanwhile the head of the Beekeepers Association  Mr. Kadri Bulica stated that beekeeping has served as a supporting activity for the region’s farmers economy .

Kukes region has about 106,854 ha of forests, meadows and pastures (mountains), which are characterized by a diversity of vegetation that give honey a taste, flavor and characteristic texture.

Today, about 600 beekeepers breed approximately 17,700 family bees.