"Sofra Dardane 2014", the twelve national folkloric festival

Artistic Union of the Albanian nation in collaboration with Kukes Regional Council and Municipality of B. Curri held for three consecutive days the folk fest "Sofra Dardane 2014", in its twelfth edition in Bajram Curri town.

Over 500 folk artists, singers, dancers and instrumentalists from all Albanian lands attended this festival, which unfolded cultural and ethnographic value of all the provinces of Dardania,

In his speech, the President of the Artistic Union of the Albanian nation, Mr. Azgan Haklaj, thanked the artists and the participants and emphasized the multidimensional importance of this festival in the field of art and tourism.

President of Kukes Region, Mr. Ibsen Elezi in his welcoming speech assured the financial support of the Kukes Regional Council for the continuation of this beautiful tradition that unites all Albanians.

This festival also highlighted individuals, groups and ensembles that have the highest values ​​of folk wealth, and the winner was the group from Presevo