The Peace Triumph Day, 12 June 1999 - 2014

Kukes Regional Council within Day of Triumph of Peace and following the "Day of Generosity" (27 March 2014) organized a ceremony of local reporters of Kukes Region, as token of appreciation and gratitude for their contribution in media coverage during Kosovo crisis events of 1999.

This event was organized in collaboration with the Union of Journalists of Albania. In his speech, the leader of the Union, Mr. Aleksander Çipa, thanked the participants and expressed his gratitude for the work of journalists. He also announced the opening of a branch of the Union of Journalists in Kukes, considering Kukes as a key point of the all-Albanian media.

President of Kukes Region, Mr. Ibsen Elezi, thanked all those journalists that with their work informed the entire world about events taking place in Kosovo in March 1999. He also emphasized that through their work, the history has much evidence of the war, which shocked the world