The Project: Construction and assembly of the line 110 kv, PESHKOPI-LAPAJ

At the Kukes Regional Council’s premises  was held a meeting on the public hearing for the project of construction-assembly electric line 110 Peshkopi -Lapaj and impact assessment report in environment. The meeting was held with representatives of the Transmission System Operator Electricity, Bushtrice Commune, the NGOs and experts of the Regional Council of the respective areas.

The aim of the project is to increase, insurance and electricity supply to the northeastern region of the country, as well as for telecommunication purposes online will be mounted optical fiber Trost OPGE

In the process of preparing the Report of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was devoted special attention to the recognition of environmental issues and implementation of laws related for the following reasons:

  • To help avoid unnecessary costs for environmental protection and facilitate the correct implementation of the project of construction of the line in the area where the project will be implemented .
  • To enable to consider the solution of all the environmental issues that may arise as a result of project implementation ·
  • To provide a formal mechanism for institutional coordination, implementation of this project is a development of infrastructure and environmental protection in accordance with national policies for the development of electricity infrastructure, as other development objectives of the country.