The signing of the Cooperation Agreement between ILO and Kukes Regional Council

In the framework of the project " Addressing the Local Level Challenge of Youth Employment " at the premises of the American Bar was organized the Aproval Ceremony and signing of the Territorial Employment Pact . This project is funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Albania and implemented by the International Labour Office ( ILO ) and UNDP in partnership with Kukes Regional Council and other local actors .

Territorial Employment Pact through the implementation of the envisaged actions will aim to promote employment opportunities for young people in Kukes region through the creation and formalization of 80 jobs for young people in the region , and by the end of 2014 about 400 people will benefit in/directly from the application of these actions . Development of Territorial Employment Pact is the result of ongoing consultations of Kukes Regional Council with the members of Kukes Regional Employment Board , national and local actors , public institutions , specialists in different fields etc. .

The ceremony organized by Kukes Regional Council, was led by President Mr. Ibsen Elezi which is simultaneously and chairman of the Regional Employment Board, was attended by the members of the board , representatives of partner institutions , relevant agencies of the United Nations , donors and other stakeholders who expressed their willingness to engage in the implementation of the Territorial Pact employment .This implementation is expected to start in November - December 2013 through the application calls for young people who are interested in benefiting from this project .

After the welcoming words of the President of Kukes Regional Council and main actors , Mr. Francesco Panzica , expert of the ILO International made a presentation of the Territorial Employment Pact , actions and their implementation plan . Members of the Regional Employment Board expressed their opinions and evaluations of confirming and cooperation for the successful implementation of this project .

The ceremony ended with the signing of a document of the Territorial Employment Pact by members of the Regional Employment Board chaired by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Ibsen Elezi .