Training in the field of environment

In the framework of the project "Support for Sustainable Environmental Development in Cross-Border Area Through common initiatives" (SSEDAM), a project funded by the EU and implemented by Democratic Integration and Development Center, in which Kukes Regional Council is a partner, on July 11-12 was held a two-day training:

 "Training  in the field of environment."

This training aimed to train, advise, empower and to further expand the knowledge of participants at the local level to address more efficiently the challenges associated with the environment.

Participants were representatives of the Council of Kukes, LGUs, educational and environmental institutions,  environmental clubs, young and engaged citizen.

In this course were addressed issues such as:

  • Knowledge of IPA/CBC projects and environmental components of these programs.
  • Concepts about global challenge, combined with threats and pressures on the environment.
  •  Environmental legislation
  • Environmental- Awareness,  Challenges that we face.
  • Community involvement in environmental management.

Such trainings help Albania  achieving its objectives  in the protection, promotion and sustainable development of the environment.