Young Artisans Fair of the Kukës Region

In cooperation with the 'Promoting Social Business' Agency of Tirana, the Kukës Regional Council hosted a fair  to honor the region's producers of artisan textile products.

The event took place at the Tourist Information Centre in Kukës.

Products presented at the fair were produced by young artisans, whose training was made possible by the "Addressing the Challenges of Local Youth Employment" project financed by a grant from the Swiss Agency for Development and administered by a coalition of the International Labor Organization, Regional Council of Kukës, and the 'Social Business Promotion' agency of Tirana.

Under the framework of the project, 42 young women from throughout the Kukës region were trained by 12 established artists in the production of textiles using traditional methods, including carpets, rugs, clothing, and embroidered textiles.  

Evaluation certificates were distributed for the trained students